Brand Logos_21Nood Co

“We believe personality, whimsy and a playful approach should be part of all product design. Our company tagline is “Hold Your Colour”.  What we mean by that is to own who you are and own what you represent. To make it matter, both in life or in design.”

Nood Co is a dynamic, solutions-based design company, regarded as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of contemporary, concrete furniture and homewares. Their prominence in the Australian market is well established and their growing portfolio of products continually feature in high profile projects and publications.

Self-described design and manufacture geeks, the starting point for each product design begins with a material, a list of problems, and a muster of free thinking. Nood Co’s design approach stems from the idea that good design is like a great person; interesting, considered and proudly unique.

The evolution of Nood Co began with the exploration of one of the most tried and tested building materials; concrete. Their in-depth study of this material helped them understand the limitations of use in a contract market and armed with this knowledge, they then set out to change everything. Nood Co was born as the solution to the problems of concrete.

Conceived with a design perspective and produced with the contract market in mind, Nood Co’s products are stronger yet thinner, whilst also being lightweight, easily transportable and water tolerable. Uniquely raw, designs are considered yet paired back to their ’nood’ state, bringing an authentic energy to any space.

A new consciousness in concrete is here.


Matt Di Costa