Pocci + Dondoli

Desalto , Italy

The name ‘288’ refers to the number of square perforations in the chair shell seat and back. Generous and incredibly comfortable, the material flexes to your shape while the cutouts allow air to circulate around the body. The 288 chair is constructed using air moulded technology in solid reinforced nylon with either a gloss or matt finish and is UV stable for outdoor use.

Stacks 10 high on the floor or higher with chair trolley.


Material: Constructed matt nylon, to selected house colour
Glides: Plastic glides


Nylon Graphite F77

Nylon Rust F71

Nylon Bungee F57

Nylon Nero F57

Nylon Moss F78

Nylon Curry F47

Nylon Rose Quartz F79

Nylon Light Grey F58

Nylon Red F75

Nylon Petroleum F46

Nylon White F56