Grand Place


Favaretto & Partners

Gaber , Italy

The Place collection, designed by Studio Favaretto & Partners, is not born out of necessity, but because it’s a dream come true.
The charm of comfort: the sinuous forms expressed by poyurethane padding inside the finest covers and surrounded by an architectural structure in tubular steel. Space is ideal for creating stunning hospitality settings.

Fabric Upholstery

Aurea Leather



K King

L King


Remix 2

Steelcut 2



Chromed Steel Polished

Powdercoated Steel White

Powdercoated Steel Grey

Powdercoated Steel Black

Aluminium Linished

Aluminium Powdercoated Black


Polypropylene White 00

Polypropylene Red 06

Polypropylene Saffron 38

Polypropylene Mustard 36

Polypropylene Apricot 07

Polypropylene Orange 33

Polypropylene Lobster 20

Polypropylene Brick 12

Polypropylene Violet 40

Polypropylene Green 42

Polypropylene Easy Pink 43

Polypropylene Bordeaux 22

Polypropylene Brown 39

Polypropylene Black 10

Polypropylene Grey 21

Polypropylene Grey 04

Polypropylene Yellow 02

Polypropylene Green 41

Polypropylene Beige 01

Polypropylene Light Blue 05

Polypropylene Sand 54

Polypropylene Brown 13

Polypropylene Turtle Dove 52

Polypropylene Caramel 53

Polypropylene Sage Green 51

Polypropylene Light Green 03

Polypropylene Light Blue 34

Polypropylene Military Green 23

Polypropylene Pale Blue 98

Polypropylene Lavender 99

Polypropylene Blue 08

Polypropylene Dark Blue 09

Polypropylene Night Blue 11

Polypropylene Forest Green 24

Polypropylene Pearl Grey 14