Beetle Plastic with Plastic 4-Leg



Gubi , Denmark

The Beetle collection carries strong references to GamFratesi’s inspirational source; the four-legged insect, the beetle. The design of the Beetle seating range reinterprets the characteristic elements of the beetles sections: shape, shells, sutures, rigid outside and soft inside. With its comfortable design and generously proportioned silhouette, the Beetle is a perfect seating solution for the residential, hospitality or workplace environment. The appealing design, outstanding comfort and unique customisation possibilities, have secured its inclusion of many of the most renowned restaurants around the world.

The Beetle collection includes a chair; available with 4-Legs (metal or timber), 4-Leg castor or 4-Way swivel, a low lounge chair; available with 4-Legs (metal or timber) or a 4-Way pedestal swivel base, an ottoman, sofa and range of stools, available in 3 sizes.


Upholstery: FR foam, fully upholstered, to selected finish
Shell: Made from polypropylene, to selected finish
Base: Made from polypropylene, to selected finish
Glides: Nylon glides


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Polypropylene Alabaster White

Polypropylene Pebble Brown

Polypropylene Amber Brown

Polypropylene Pastel Green

Polypropylene Black

Polypropylene Green

Polypropylene New Beige

Polypropylene Sweet Pink