Gubi , Denmark

In designing the Violin Chair, architects Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi set out to distil the archetypal form of a chair into its purest representation, without ever losing the sense of character for which they have become renowned. The result is a new typology for the Gubi Collection: an understated half-arm dining chair that epitomizes GamFratesi’s craftsmanship, creativity, and material understanding, with enough poetry to make the piece feel fresh, light and contemporary.

The name references the two parallel lines that that extend from the backrest to a horizontal bar below the seat, evoking two parallel strings on a violin, or even a tuning fork. It was these two lines, in the form of two pencil marks on the very earliest sketch, that provided the initial spark of inspiration for the design. The musicality of the name resonates with a chair that reflects a musical instrument in its geometry, symmetry and craftsmanship.

Release Date: 27 May 2021


Backrest: Made of steam-bent timber, to oiled oak or walnut
Upholstery: FR foam, with seat only or seat and backrest upholstered, to selected finish
Frame: Made of steel, to selected finish
Glides: Nylon glides


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Solid Timber Oiled Oak

Solid Timber Oiled Walnut


Powdercoated Steel Black