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For more than 30 years, Danish lifestyle brand Cane-line has created and produced comfortable furniture designs, with the longest possible lifespan. Every piece is timeless by nature and integrates quality materials made perfect for the Australian outdoors.

All over the world, the intent of Cane-line is the same – to make life more comfortable and enrich the places where we relax and unwind. Comfort for Cane-line is not only assessed on how well we sit or lay. There is equal emphasis placed on functionality, softness and smoothness of finishes and ease of cleaning. ‘Life made comfortable’ underpins each collection, offering high-quality, comfortable solutions that are low maintenance and long-lasting. Each stage of Cane-line’s design process considers care for the environment and the well-being of people that engage and interact with their furniture.

The Cane-line outdoor collection is designed and manufactured to bring comfort and purpose to the outdoors, with minimal maintenance. Cane-line works perfectly in Australian conditions with strong frames, UV-resistant materials and ‘QuickDry’ technology that allow most collections to remain outside in glaring sun, rain and frost.

Cane-line also brings the essence of simplicity to indoor spaces with a complimentary range produced in sustainably sourced rattan in natural colours and organic forms. They bring the outdoors indoors seamlessly.


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