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Crassevig has epitomised the values of Italian design and craftmanship since 1969. Behind every collection is innovation and meticulous detailing which embodies the identity of the company, its understated trademark style and its masterful ability to work with a wide range of materials.

Founder, Alfieri Crassevig, made a name for himself through his mastery of wood steam bending techniques. From the earliest days, Crassevig tables and chairs have followed the philosophy of “Less is more”, the ultimate aesthetic mark of elegance. Simple and essential shapes, characterised by a minimal style that is beautiful in its modesty, have strengthened Crassevig’s functional design legacy while years of experience have produced resolved solutions for the contract market, all with the aim of better enhancing the project and the environmental context.

Today Francesco, Alfieri’s Grandson, leads the family business with the same intensity and taste for beauty and functionality, expanding Crassevig’s brand into the world’s most prestigious buildings and venues. An impressive list of designers play a major role in the Crassevig story and are the protagonists of this influential and incessant process of aesthetic minimalisation, making the creations ever more recognisable and absolute in form.


Debiasi Sandri
Design Studio Technico Crassevig
Drill Design
Enrico Franzolini
Geckeler Michels
Goncalo Campos