Brand Logos_5Desalto

“Excellence is the interaction between innovation and tradition.”

Desalto is constantly evolving story that begun in 1990 when the four Orsenigo brothers – the heirs of a metalworking family company – envisaged a more progressive direction, calling on the cooperation of established or up-and- coming designers to help them realise their vision. For nearly 30 years, Desalto has conveyed the idea of an aesthetically sophisticated product based on constant technical and technological research, focused on greater functionality.

Excellent quality and production capacity are just two of Desalto’s distinguishing characteristics which have made it one of the Italian companies considered ambassadors of Italian design throughout the world. Desalto perfectly embodies the central values of the Made in Italy brand: a family of entrepreneurs and an area that represents, in the design scene, an unrepeatable system, from the idea to the market, and that maintains the product quality as a must.

Desalto collaborate with renowned designers who engage in the same corporate philosophy that is continually updated through fundamental values of harmony, expressive elegance, clean designs and originality. Each design features the essence of the craftsmanship typical of Italy, particularly the Brianza area and is quality-controlled at every stage to ensure long- lasting value and beauty.

To view a Desalto collection for the first time crystallises the emotional and passionate design philosophy that the company embraces, providing a moment of contemplation and a privileged glimpse of what is happening in the realm of authentic high end design.


Arik Levy
Caronni and Bonanomi
Elisa Ossino
Eugeni Quitllet
Gordon Guillaumier
Guglielmo Poletti