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Sophistication Meets Technology

For almost 30 years, Desalto has spread the idea worldwide of an aesthetically sophisticated product, based on constant technical research, with a focus on functionality. Thirty years of production makes Desalto a young but also a time-honoured brand. It’s a story which began in 1990 when four brothers – the heirs of a family metalworking company – envisaged a brand filled with originality. From the very beginning, they called on collaboration from established and up-and-coming designers.

Excellence in quality and production are just two of Desalto’s distinguishing characteristics, making Desalto an ambassador of Italian design throughout the world. Embodying the core values of the ‘Made In Italy’ label, each design features the essence and craftsmanship typical of their country and more specifically, the Brianza area where Desalto resides.

Desalto boasts an in-house production chain that is quality-controlled at every stage, ensuring each product’s long-lasting value and beauty. Desalto’s level of craftsmanship can in some ways be described as an emotive experience, created by their ability to personalise every product. Desalto’s commitment to technical and functional research is continuous, informed by a deep-rooted design culture and curiosity of innovative materials, brought to life through Desalto’s expertise in high-tech machining.

Desalto believes that good design and production can be carried out with the utmost respect for the environment, ensuring the best quality of life for future generations. Always attentive to environmental sustainability within their manufacturing process, Desalto boasts an exemplary water recycling system in their galvanic plant, which is used, recycled and purified in compliance with the most stringent regulations. In addition, Desalto’s forward-thinking premises feature an innovative rooftop photovoltaic system consisting of 1730 solar panels, with the energy output covering Desalto’s entire electricity consumption. These initiatives position Desalto amongst the most attentive and committed entities to sustainable practices.


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