Brand Logos_3Fornasarig

“We are always looking to the future of contract and work environments; how we can offer cutting edge products with innovative design, function and aesthetics that make the workplace and social spaces more appealing.” – Luca Fornasarig

Fornasarig, is a 4th generation, family owned and operated company, producing a wide range of contemporary seating and lounging solutions for contract environments. Founded in 1878, its history began in the Friuli Region at the end of the 19th century, when the Fornasarig brothers started their company; the first chair factory, in what would eventually become known as the International Chair District.

Describing their furniture as a collection of stories, written with wood, timber has always been an important aspect of Fornasarig’s fine craftsmanship and their interest in new and innovative ways to use it is continually evolving. Each piece passes through numerous expert hands recounting a long story of masterful technique, care and intelligence. Each piece is taking this legacy into the future to create tomorrow’s classics.

Through a strong artisanal know-how, the company has adopted design as an innovative vision and a methodologic choice for its future, projecting itself into a new cultural, aesthetical and ethical dimension, by combining project, production and communication. Collaborating with many prominent designers from around the world, the company continues to be managed by the Fornasarig family which has inherited a long tradition and has evolved it with passion, knowledge and innovation.


Luca Fornasarig