“One of the reasons Italian design is so exceptional is that it is conceived in a place where beauty is all around. LaCividina is no exception: we come from a land where more than 20 centuries of art and history have made their mark. It is a border land where one after the other, numerous cultures have left cities and works that influence our work and enrich our everyday lives.”

Founded in 1976 in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the North East of Italy, LaCividina has been creating high quality upholstered furniture with undisputed design credentials for more than 40 years. Working on comprehensive, ambitious projects in partnership with the top names in international design, LaCividina demonstrates masterful craftsmanship and skill in detailed procedures of unparalleled complexity.

LaCividina’s extensive know-how is built on long-standing tradition and embodies the most quintessential values associated with the “Made in Italy” label. High end design calibre and first-rate production capabilities has seen this company excel on a global scale. LaCividina work in tandem with designers from all over, and believe that the dialogue ensuing from these collaborations is essential in producing quality output.


Andrea Steidl
Antonino Sciortino
Antonio Rodriguez
Constance Guisset
Form Us With Love
Fulvio Bulfoni