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“If industrial capacity and advanced technology are our strength, know-how and skill is our soul. It’s what really sets us apart.”

Founded in 1987, Midj design and create chairs and tables that bring a unique personality to a variety of spaces. In partnership with well-known Italian and international designers, Midj develop and renew collections, choosing the best materials and finishes, suitable for variety of applications.

Midj view their native land as an incomparable reference point for creativity, know- how and sense of beauty. They don’t define Italy as just a place of production, for them it indicates a way of thinking and living that is embraced in the design and innovation of every collection. The Made in Italy label encapsulates a perfect synergy between skilled craftmanship, creativity and technology, adding value to each product.

Midj takes quality very seriously, viewing it as a concrete value that affects every daily process. The products they develop and create are beautiful yet functional, intended to be used and to last for a long time. Over thirty years, Midj has managed to deliver artisanal production with an industrial dimension, meaning the typical aspects of handcrafted production- the attention to detail and the high quality – is guaranteed even in the face of large-scale production.


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