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Systemtronic was established in 1988, with the aim of designing and manufacturing tables, supports and accessories for computed systems, in both workplace and residential settings. The collection of products and accessories are designed to encourage communication and collaboration between users while adding life and aesthetic value to any environment.

Constantly evolving, Systemtronic are a dynamic company, always abreast of ultimate trends and technologies in order to improve its products and ensure suitability in a competitive and everchanging market. Consolidated and avant-garde, Systemtronic’s presence in the workplace market has been constant for 30 years.

After 23 years of a successful development of the Classic collection of office auxiliary furniture, Sytemtronic introduced Advanced, a new collection, born of years of experience, reflection, hard work and collaboration alongside prestigious designers. This collection has been designed to integrate into projects where elegance and timelessness are key considerations.


Fernando Gil
Hugo Tejada
Kodai Iwamoto
Mermelada Estudio
Pablo Giron_s
STC Studio