Brand Logos_14Tekhne

“Tekhne is a word of Greek origin that is linked to a variety of technical concepts having an important significance that can be understood as art, the art of know-how, of knowing how to make an application, of knowing how to do things.”

Tekhne was established in Cormòns (Gorizia) in 1994. The company’s identity is rooted in the design culture, and thanks to the professionalism built up over the past years of activity and presence on the international market, Tekhne has specialised in interior design and contract furniture. The collections of chairs, armchairs and tables are the foundation from which Tekhne reaches highly personalised furniture solutions, designed to suit the client’s needs.

Tekhne are inspired by the unusual and not deterred by complexity. In the last few years Tekhne has released some of the most interesting designer products by far, as complex as they are aspirational. Indeed, the ability to adapt the shapes, materials and dimensions of products to the space and it’s intended use has always been one of Tekhne’s distinguishing features.


Claudio Perin
Marco Lombardi and Lorenzo Mannini
Markus Johannson
Producks Design Studio
Vincent Clausell