Essens Oval

Design Jonathan Prestwich
Inclass , Spain

The Essens tables combine beauty, design and harmonious proportions. The meeting point between two essential volumes in equilibrium generates a table with a sculptural outline that fits perfectly in all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

The Essens programme of tables comprises four types of 100% recyclable polyethylene bases for composing tables in an endless variety of formats.


Top: Constructed from 22mm thick MDF finished to Oak veneer and stained to house colour, 22mm thick MDF lacquered to house colour, 12mm HPL laminate, 12mm Fenix-Nano Laminate or 20mm thick marble, to selected house colour
Base: Constructed from 100% recyclable, roto-moulded polyethylene, to selected house colour

Fabric Upholstery

Category 1 Bond

Category 1 Duo

Category 2 Addo

Category 2 Cora

Category 2 Hilton

Category 2 Orum

Category 2 Pixel

Category 2 Reno

Category 2 Sol

Category 2 Steve

Category 2 West

Category 3 Era

Category 3 Mar

Category 3 Medley

Category 3 Xtreme

Category 4 Aspect

Category 4 Fusion

Category 4 Silver

Category 4 Step

Category 4 Valencia

Category 5 Canvas

Category 5 Europost

Category 5 Luna

Category 5 Remix 2

Category 6 Fiord

Category 6 Steelcut Trio

Category 7 Hallingdal


Leather Upholstery

Category 10 Piel

Category 11 Piel


Aluminium Polished

Chromed Steel Polished

Powdercoated Steel Black B00

Powdercoated Steel Silver RAL 9006

Powdercoated Steel White W01

Powdercoated Steel Clay Orange O25

Powdercoated Steel Coffee Brown M56

Powdercoated Steel Light Grey G42

Powdercoated Steel Marine Green B40

Powdercoated Steel Mustard Y62

Powdercoated Steel Navy Blue B36

Powdercoated Steel Rose P70

Powdercoated Steel Rust Brown

Powdercoated Steel Rust Grey

Powdercoated Steel Sky Blue B44

Powdercoated Steel Stone M82

Powdercoated Steel Turquoise Green V16


Solid Timber Oak stained to Natural

Solid Timber Oak stained to Walnut

Solid Timber Oak stained to Wenge

Timber Veneer Beech stained to Black

Timber Veneer Beech stained to Natural

Timber Veneer Beech stained to Walnut

Timber Veneer Beech stained to Wenge

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Black

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Natural

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Walnut

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Wenge

Timber Veneer Walnut stained to Natural

Lacquer (Standard) Black

Lacquer (Standard) White

Lacquer Black

Lacquer Light Grey

Lacquer Navy

Lacquer Sky Blue

Lacquer Stone

Lacquer White

Lacquer (Custom) Clay Orange

Lacquer (Custom) Coffee

Lacquer (Custom) Marine Green

Lacquer (Custom) Mustard

Lacquer (Custom) Rose

Lacquer (Custom) Turquoise Green


Polyethylene Black (Flat)

Polypropylene Steel Curry V12

Polyethylene Grey (Flat)

Polyethylene Sand (Flat)

Polyethylene White (Flat)

Polyethylene Cement Grey (Composite)

Polyethylene Rust Brown (Composite)

Polyethylene Copper (Metallic)

Polyethylene Gold (Metallic)

Polyethylene Silver (Metallic)

Polypropylene Black B00

Polypropylene Navy Blue B36

Polypropylene Rose P70

Polypropylene Light Grey G42

Polypropylene Coffee Brown M56

Polypropylene Mustard Y62

Polypropylene Olive Green V18

Polypropylene Clay Orange O25

Polypropylene Plum L31

Polypropylene Red R34

Polypropylene Turquoise Green V16

Polypropylene Sand M82

Polypropylene Steel Sky Blue B44

Polypropylene Marine Green B40

Polypropylene White W01


Fenix-Nano Laminate Black

HPL Laminate Black

HPL Laminate White