Harri Koskinen

Et Al. , Italy

Communicating personality and strength thanks to its 30mm tubular steel frame, the Hull seating collection combines the solidarity of metal with the warmth and tactility of Beech wood.

Hull stands out for its classic yet original composition. The metal parts create rounded forms which seamlessly join the curved timber seat and backrest to provide maximum comfort. The overall design is harmonious, elegant and balanced and adapts easily to different environments.

The Hull collection includes a chair and armchair, available with two different armrest options, and is offered in a wide selection of timber stains and powdercoat colours.


Shell: Multilayered plywood, finished to timber veneer, stained to house colour
Frame: 30mm tubular steel frame, powdercoated to selected house colour
Glides: Plastic standard glides or felt glides for timber floors


Powdercoated Steel Black RAL 9005

Powdercoated Steel Matt Black RAL 9005

Powdercoated Steel Traffic White RAL 9016

Powdercoated Steel Pure White RAL 9010

Powdercoated Steel Turtle Dove RAL 402C

Powdercoated Steel White Aluminium RAL 9006

Powdercoated Steel Black Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Powdercoated Steel Pewter

Powdercoated Steel Ruby Red RAL 3003

Powdercoated Steel Chocolate Brown RAL 8017

Powdercoated Steel Moss Green RAL 6005

Powdercoated Steel Matt Dusty Grey RAL 7037


Timber Veneer Walnut stained Beech wood

Timber Veneer Oak stained Beech wood

Timber Veneer Maple stained Beech wood

Timber Veneer Natural Beech wood

Timber Veneer Wenge stained Beech wood

Timber Veneer Black stained Beech wood