Essens Elliptical


Jonathan Prestwich

Inclass , Spain

Essens tables combine beauty, design and harmonious proportions. The meeting point between two essential volumes in equilibrium generates a table with a sculptural outline that fits perfectly in all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

The Essens programme of tables comprises of five types of 100% recyclable polyethylene bases for composing tables in an endless variety of formats.


Top: Constructed from 22mm thick MDF finished to Oak veneer and stained to house colour, 22mm thick MDF lacquered to house colour, 12mm HPL laminate, 12mm Fenix-Nano Laminate or 20mm thick marble, to selected house colour
Base: Constructed from 100% recyclable, roto-moulded polyethylene, to selected house colour


Polyethylene Matt Black B00

Polyethylene Matt Grey G42

Polyethylene Matt Stone M82

Polyethylene Matt White W01

Polyethylene Composite Cement Grey

Polyethylene Composite Rust Brown

Polyethylene Metallic Copper

Polyethylene Metallic Gold

Polyethylene Metallic Silver





Fenix-Nano Laminate Black

HPL Laminate Black

HPL Laminate White


Timber Veneer Oak stained to Black

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Natural

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Walnut

Timber Veneer Oak stained to Wenge