Essential Wood


Gudmundur Ludvik & Arco Design Studio

Arco , Netherlands

Designed by Gudmundur Ludvik and Arco Design Studio, the Essential collection is available in two variations: wood and steel.

Essential Wood comprises of a solid wood tabletop on a plywood trestle. The frame can be swapped as needed. Essential Steel also features a solid wood tabletop, but this time its trestle is made from steel with a fine epoxy textured finish.

Both Essential Wood and Essential Steel are intended to reduce environmental impact. For example, they’re easily recycled or refurbished and employ PEFC certified wood.


Arco Timber Finishes


Table top: Constructed from solid Oak, Smoked Oak or Walnut timber, stained to selected house colour
Legs: Laminated Beech with Oak or Walnut venner, to selected finish