Slim + Connected

Design Bertjan Pot
Arco , Netherlands

The seemingly impossible Slim and Slim+ collection of tables are constructed using an innovative steel sandwich construction with a lightweight honeycomb-structure core. This unique composite material enables the table to be constructed at great lengths while retaining its slim line profile and remaining lightweight. The inherent properties of the different materials have been used as honestly as possible: metal for its strength and timber for its tactile and aesthetic qualities.

Arco have developed a technique to connect Slim+ tables allowing this super slim table to be produced in enormous lengths. In addition, all the necessary connection points, such as sockets, data connections and USB portals can be integrated into the tabletop by means of cable management. This makes the Slim Connected an ideal conference table or landing spot to work independently or in a group.

The connection point rests on a column of reflective stainless steel, so that the column disappears, as it were, into the environment. All cables are routed down the column.


Table Top: Constructed from MDF finished to Oak or Timber veneer, lacquered Ash or solid surface, Fenix HPL
Frame: Constructed from steel, wrapped in Oak or Walnut veneer
Glides: Plastic glides


Solid Timber Black Oak (33)

Solid Timber Brown Oak (37)

Solid Timber Dark Smoke Oak (39)

Solid Timber Grey Stained Oak (23)

Solid Timber Morado Oak (32)

Solid Timber Natural Oak (30)

Solid Timber Oak Pure (29)

Solid Timber Oak White (27)

Solid Timber Smoked Oak (35)

Slim + Connected Meeting/Dining Table Arco
Slim Round Meeting/Dining Table Arco
Slim Meeting/Dining Table Arco