Niels Bendtsen

Bensen , Canada

Torii is a simple yet sophisticated timber chair and stool range, defined by its closely spaced back legs, broad seat, and small arched backrest.. ‘Torii’ translates from Japanese to mean ‘Bird Perch’, which is the name for the characteristic timber arched entrances of Shinto shrines. This motif perfectly describes the chairs distinct proportions, traditional joinery, and the sense of harmony and calm inherent in its beautifully resolved design.

Its minimal appearance and simple construction hide a surprising amount of comfort and sturdiness, making it suitable for residential and commercial use.
Torii is constructed using traditional exposed mortise-and-tenon joinery for the legs. The arched back rest is cleverly joined to each back leg ensuring this critical joint will not fail or crack.

Torii is available as a chair or stool, in both bar and counter heights.


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Upholstery: Seat upholstered in house fabric/leather or COM/COL
Frame: Constructed from solid Ash or Walnut timber, to selected finish
Glides: Plastic glides