“At Loll, we enhance people, the planet and our company in everything we do. Loll is outdoor furniture for the modern lollygagger”.

Based in Duluth, MN, Loll Designs is a designer and manufacturer of durable, all-weather, outdoor furniture and accessories made with recycled plastic. Using thoughtful, original designs and unique materials, Loll creates innovative, fun and high¬ quality products proudly crafted in the USA.
Loll’s history dates back to 1997 with the creation of TrueRide, a design and build company specialising in custom municipal skate p arks. The TrueRide crew designed, built, installed and serviced more than 400 custom skateboard parks across the nation and abroad during a 10-year period
Loll originally used recycled post¬industrial plastic (scrap that has been diverted or recovered during the manufacturing process), but by 2007, they began sourcing post-consumer plastic (material that has been used by consumers and diverted or recovered from waste destined for a landfill). This is when Loll really started to establish themselves as a company with an environmental conscience. An estimated eight recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair, which equals about 400 milk jugs per chair. Furthermore, their recycled material is 100% recyclable, so it can be re purposed into another useful product at the end of its life.


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