Metrica (Fattorini + Rizzini)

Desalto , Italy

25 Table is an archetypal masterpiece. The name refers to the slim profile of the top and legs, which is 25mm in thickness. It is one of the longest tables ever made with an industrial process, capable of reaching 3 metres in length with a constant thickness of 25mm.

The table conceals a superbly engineered structural resistance, hidden within the layering of materials which include resin over aluminium and carbonfibre. An avant-garde table, an absolute abstraction of form and cutting edge materials, 25 will not flex under weight, despite being so thin.


Desalto Timber Finishes

Handcrafted Finishes

Desalto Handcrafted Finishes


Acrylic Resin White D71


Desalto Powdercoated Metal Finishes


Table Top: Constructed from 25mm thick composite material, finished to timber veneer, acrylic resin, stone or hand-spread micronised metal powder to selected house colour
Base: 25 x 25mm steel frame, powdercoated to house colour
Glides: Plastic glides