Turi Turi


Antonino Sciortino

LaCividina , Italy

Turi Turi is a unique occasional table collection inspired by the traditional flat caps worn by Sicilian men. The elegant top of the table is paired with a delicate base bringing together Sicilian Baroque art and minimal style.

Constructed with steel rods, bent and welded together between a top plate and base ring, and completed with a solid plate steel top, Turi Turi table collection is available in 4 versions which vary in size and height. Turi Turi tables are ideal for high traffic commercial hospitality or domestic environments and can be used outdoors.


Powdercoated Steel Black 9005

Powdercoated Steel Brass

Powdercoated Steel Bronze

Powdercoated Steel Chocolate

Powdercoated Steel Copper

Powdercoated Steel Cornflower

Powdercoated Steel Green Tea

Powdercoated Steel Ivory

Powdercoated Steel Mud

Powdercoated Steel Plum


Top: Steel top, powdercoated to selected house colour
Base: Round-section steel rods, to selected finish