Aplos (Απλός): Is the Greek reference for simplicity, or as Greeks like to say, “Beauty in Simplicity.”

Aplos was founded by Simon Cross and Helen Kontouris in 2019 after more than 20 years in the design industry, during which they had designed and collaborated with the world’s most prestigious galleries, collectors, and brands. The establishment of Aplos stemmed from their desire to create beautiful designs for breathtaking environments that would enrich people’s lives for generations to come.

Based in Australia, Aplos handles the creation and production of their products. Authenticity forms the cornerstone of their principles, and they take pride in their team of craftspeople and artisans.

Aplos specializes in designing contemporary furniture and products that are visually compelling and renowned for their high quality. Their work reflects a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and production experience. Their collections are designed to mirror contemporary culture, with a creative sensibility that allows them to adapt to ever-changing cultural influences.

Over time, Aplos’ multidisciplinary studio has evolved into a vibrant powerhouse in product design, graphic design, and industrial design. They work closely with their craftsmen, master upholsterers, and artisans to ensure an unwavering commitment to quality and manufacturing excellence.