Magda 04 Timber 4 Leg

Design Carlesi & Tonelli
Torre , Italy

Body: Inner steel frame, covered with high density mould-injected polyurethane FR foam
Upholstery: Shell fully upholstered in house fabrics/leathers or COM/COL
Base: Solid conical Ash wood legs, stained to house colour
Glides: Plastic glides

Fabric Upholstery

Category A Angel Chevy

Category A Angel Combo

Category A Angel FR

Category A Angel Jumbo

Category A Angel Trick

Category A Inca

Category A Iris WR

Category A Yacht Regatta

Category B Magnum

Category B Natural Wool

Category B Nord Wool

Category B Nord Wool Riga

Category B Nord Wool Tartan

Category B Rafja

Category B Tiffany

Category B Touch Me

Category C Alloy

Category C Clara 2

Category C Dapper

Category C Forest Nap

Category C Melange Nap

Category C Memory 2

Category C Molly 2

Category C Pure Wool

Category C Pure Wool JAQ

Category C Pure Wool Melange

Category C Remix 2

Category C ReSole

Category C Revive 2

Category C Rime

Category C San

Category C Scala

Category C Steelcut 2

Category C Steelcut Trio 2

Category C Sudden

Category C Unami 1-2-3

Category D Emboss

Category D Hero

Category D Outback

Leather Upholstery




Solid Timber Black Analine 305

Solid Timber Canaletto 302

Solid Timber Cherry 307

Solid Timber Dove Grey 309

Solid Timber Grey Analine 304

Solid Timber Natural 300

Solid Timber Oak 306

Solid Timber Walnut 303

Solid Timber Walnut Dark 308

Solid Timber Wenge 301