Rapson Cave


Ralph Rapson

Loll Designs , USA

Going through the impeccable furniture sketches of midcentury architect Ralph Rapson could possibly be one of the best ways to spend a cold winter afternoon in Minnesota. When LOLL located his Cave Chair illustration they immediately thought it would be a great collaboration piece that fit the aesthetic of their modern outdoor furniture. Originally conceived in 1943 as plywood with a cushion, it was never actually produced. Part of LollÕs Rapson Collection, this perfectly oversized, futuristic, comfortable and fun, modern cave chair will induce hours of conversation Ð whether youÕre sitting in it or just walking by.

The Rapson collection includes the Cave oversized lounge chair, standard lounge chair and rocker.


Recycled Polyethylene Apple Red

Recycled Polyethylene Black

Recycled Polyethylene Charcoal Grey

Recycled Polyethylene Cloud White

Recycled Polyethylene Driftwood

Recycled Polyethylene Leaf Green

Recycled Polyethylene Navy Blue

Recycled Polyethylene Sky Blue

Recycled Polyethylene Sunset Orange


Constructed from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)