Noor Up


Flokk Collaboration

RBM – Flokk , Norway

RBM Noor Up stands tall and proud. It’s perfect for coffee shops, breakfast bars, or any other bustling social places where the atmosphere is dynamic. This is Scandinavian design with lofty ambitions – encouraging you to happily chat over a drink, or a bite to eat, while keeping you in high spirits.

Fabric Upholstery

Category 1 Xtreme

Category 2 Select

Category 3 Capture

Category 3 Nexus

Category 3 Note

Category 3 Patina

Category 4 Comfort+

Category 4 Steelcut Trio 3

Leather Upholstery

Category 6 Paloma Soft


Powdercoated Steel Black

Powdercoated Steel Forest

Powdercoated Steel Lingon

Powdercoated Steel Misty Grey

Powdercoated Steel Rose

Powdercoated Steel Sea Green

Powdercoated Steel Snow

Powdercoated Steel Teal Blue

Steel Grey

Steel Silver


Polypropylene Clay

Polypropylene Coral

Polypropylene Forest

Polypropylene Graphite

Polypropylene Misty Grey

Polypropylene Poppy

Polypropylene Rose

Polypropylene Sea Green

Polypropylene Sky

Polypropylene Straw

Polypropylene Teal Blue

Polypropylene Vanilla


Shell: Made of 6-8mm thick polypropylene, to selected finish
Upholstery: FR foam, upholstered to selected finish
Base: Made of 12mm medium-high density steel, to selected finish
Glides: Nylon glides