Finna 5-Way Castor


Ramos Bassols

Crassevig , Italy

As thin as a sheet of paper, and exuding essential comfort, the distinctive nature of the Finna chair becomes immediately apparent, featuring a delicate profile and drawing inspiration from Nordic minimalism. The designers faced the ultimate challenge of achieving armchair-like comfort using an exceptionally thin layer of recycled plastic, crafting it much like working with a sheet of paper. The shell, devoid of folds, boasts a gently curving perimeter free of sharp angles, assuring natural ergonomics and a sensation of weightlessness.


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Shell: Recycled polypropylene and fibreglass with metal inserts to house colour
Upholstery: Upholstered in house Fabric or Leather
Base: Die-cast aluminium to house finish
Other Features: Reinforced copolymer soft treads wheels without safety brake; adjustable height with gas spring on castors